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Clan Crest Quaichs range in price from £45-£85.

They are hand turned from Scottish Oak - with your Clan Crest engraving inset in the base.

Please select your clan by clicking here - Clan Quaich Index.

You quaich is hand turned from Scottish Oak:
oak quaich
We take your own Clan Crest -
here's the MacPherson Clan example:
clam macpherson crest
Your Clan Crest is the transformed to line artwork like this:
clan macpherson crest engraving
The Clan Crest is engraved onto polished aluminium, brass or silver , and inset into the base of the quaich like this:
silver inset in quaich
All Clan Crest quaichs are packed in presentation boxes with a clan named note inset into the lid.
quaich in presentation box
How to select your clan?

How much are the quaichs?

The clan quaichs range in price from £45 to £85 depending on whether you select brass, polished aluminium or silver in the base, and whether you select a 100mm quaich or a 125mm quaich. The silver quaich also has a silver wire inserted around the base rim.

When will my quaich be dispatched?

When we get your order, if we haven't already got your clan engraving artwork on the clan page, then we will send you a preview of that for review to ensure that you are happy. Then, or if you have already seen the artwork, your clan quaich will be dispatched with in one week by UK 1st class Royal mail.

How to select your clan?

Any problems or questions?

If you have any questions at all please do contact us. We're also happy to take orders by phone.



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